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Work of the ministry is in diverse forms, there are the forefront agents and the workers. Apostle Joshua Selman teaching on work of the ministry exposed many aspect of church work and the agents that perform them.  The work of the ministry is the service of God which He has assigned to men to carry out. Check article on Christian leadership here. It is also, associated to the fivefold offices that God is used to equip and mature the saints.

The work of the ministry requires grace and the gift of the Holy Spirit.  There are many people who do not carry out God’s work with full heart and honour.  Check and download Pastor W. F. Kumuyi messages to listen some audio sermons on the church works and how they function maximally.


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The work of the ministry could be preaching, serving tables, evangelism, prayer, choir, church leadership and many other activities that go on the church.  Service in church requires integrity and qualities. The ministry works brings personal development and it is an honour if the Lord assigned you a portion of service in His hose.  Learn biblical Christian leadership qualities and development for effective ministry.

Ministry is service and the blessing of serving the Lord in any capacity or level is not in vain. Just serve with you whole heart and do not murmur. Apostle Joshua Selman explained many things that concerns the ministry works and how it should be done.

There are many things to discuss on this subject but the scope of our writing is beyond it. click the download bottom to download the teaching on the  work of the ministry by Apostle Joshua Selman at Grooves ministry.


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