Download The Power Of His Resurrection By Apostle Michael Orokpo

Download The Power Of His Resurrection By Apostle Michael Orokpo part 1 & 2 mp3

The Power Of His Resurrection By Apostle Michael Orokpo

The power of His resurrection by Apostle Michael Orokpo was the 2023 Easter celebration message at Jesus Encounter Ministry International by the lead president, Apostle Michael Orokpo.

The resurrection of Christ is the power of the gospel and the gospel is power of salvation. Paul says, I preach Christ and Him crucified. The power of resurrection is seen in the resurrection of dead in Christ in last days, hope for our belief in Christ, the working of the Holy Spirit and other several possibilities in Christ.

Through the power that resurrection of Christ Jesus afforded, we were raised with Him and victory became part of our reality in God. We overcame the devil because were included in Christ by the wisdom of God.

Through the power of resurrection, access to God was granted and all forms of possibilities existed because Christ paid the price.

Do you want to know more things about on what the power of resurrection of Christ did for us? Click on the link below to download the audio message by Apostle Michael Orokpo on the power of resurrection part 1 & 2.


Download part 1 Here


Download part 2 Here


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