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Doxazo By Apostle Joshua Selman

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Doxazo By Apostle Joshua Selman

Doxazo by Apostle Joshua Selman was Koinonia Global message on 21st April,  2024. The highlights of the sermon on doxazo by Apostle Joshua Selman are stated below.

The word “Doxazo” means to praise. It means to extol, to hold in honour a person or a thing, to make renowned or famous.

In essence, “Doxazo” means to make the dignity and the worth of a person or a thing become manifest or acknowledged.

It is concerned with the manifestation of the glory, not just the awareness or knowledge.

The Greek word for Glory is “Doxa” and it means radiance and splendour. It is concerned with the manifestation, and flaunting, to make visible what was once hidden.

Doxazo means to praise, extol, hold in honour, to make someone renowned and famous.

Doxazo is to make the dignity and worth of a person to become manifest and acknowledged.

The Hebrew expression for Glory is “KAVOD/KABOD”. It means honor, respect, distinction, and importance. It means a measure of the worth and value of a thing, which results in praise.

The Greek expression of the word glory is “DOXA”.

Doxa talks about radiance and splendor. It is concerned with the manifestation, flaunting, and unveiling. It means to make visible what was once hidden.

Three Platforms for Ascribing Glory to God Through Your Life:

1. By Bearing Fruits and Producing Extraordinary Results. (John 15:8, Ephesians 2:10, 3:10)

2. Longevity of Results/ Sustained Impact. (Psalm 3:5, John 15:16, Psalm 92:14)

3. Testimonies and Public declarations of God’s faithfulness. (Psalm 22:22, 92:1-4, 96:1-9, John 2:9-11)

Two Ways That Finances/Resources Comes to You:

1. Value

If you are not valuable or if your value is not needed within the presence of those who can reward it, you will experience poverty. Your value must be discovered, refined, and delivered or served with excellence.

2. Favour through relationships

You are as powerful as the relationships you have. The quickest way to rise is to find favour with men, bringing blessings from God through men (relationships). Who hates you does not matter, who likes you matters.

The Channels for Manifesting and Revealing the Glory Of God (Jeremiah 9:23):

1. Wisdom

2. Power/Might (Intellectual, political, and relational might)

3. Riches or Wealth

Three Ways to Access Divine Wisdom:

1. Prayer: You can cry to God in prayer for wisdom.

2. Light from Scripture or the diligent study of Scripture: The wisdom of God is trapped in His Word.

3. Impartation from proven carriers of the Spirit of wisdom.

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