Download Freedom From Hard Labour By Apostle Johnson Suleman

FREEDOM FROM HARD LABOUR by Apostle Johnson Suleman

FREEDOM FROM HARD LABOUR by Apostle Johnson Suleman MP3 Download

FREEDOM FROM HARD LABOUR by Apostle Johnson Suleman

Freedom from hard labour by Apostle Johnson Suleman was a sermon captioned from Genesis 35:16-18 on Sunday 21st April,  2024. The highlights of the sermon are stated below:

“Hard Labour Is When Your Situation Adds An Identity To Your Already Existing Name.
You Cannot Be Normal And Be Extraordinary. The World Is Tired Of Noise Makers.”

If You Must Be Free From Hard Labour:

1. Stay Far From Evil

– The Things That Make You Offend God And Go Far From God Are Things That You Don’t Need.
– Never Sacrifice Your Ultimate For Your Immediate.

2. Deal With Fear

– Fear Is So Terrible That It Takes 3 Components To Crush Fear; Love, Power And Sound Mind.
– To Be Free From Fear, Guard What You Hear.
– When The Devil Throws Fear At You, Gather Yourself And Respond In Faith.

“The Greatest Enemy Of Your Next Level Is Your Last Achievement.
Behind Every Prolonged Struggle There Is A Human Hand”

3. There Must Be Casualties

– Isaiah 6:1, There Are Some People Who Cannot Access Their Next Level Until Someone That Was Standing Against That Next Level Dies.

“Don’t Blame Your Helper, Blame Your Altar. What Affects Your Altar Is Your Refusal To Either Offer Or Utter.”

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