Download The Beginning Of Miracles By Apostle Johnson Suleman

The beginning of miracles by Apostle Johnson Suleman

THE BEGINNING OF MIRACLES By Apostle Johnson Suleman mp3 Download

The beginning of miracles by Apostle Johnson Suleman

The beginning of miracles by Apostle Johnson Suleman was the Sunday message from John 2:1-11. The highlights of the sermon are stated below.

Carry Jesus every day because you will need him urgently one day.

Signs, wonders and miracles are the seal of God’s approval.

Miracles show to us that God is in control of nature and that God has the final say.

If you want miracles to begin.

1. If you love Jesus you will love His disciples
– Being born-again imposes on you a duty to love brethren unconditionally.
– What keeps you well structured in a church is having an understanding that the church is a family.

2. Tell Jesus everything
– God cannot be around and not involved.
– No matter how difficult the situation is, tell Jesus. Matthew 18:19
– There is power in intercession.
– When it appears you are becoming weak, tell Jesus.

3. Wine speaks of Influence
– When you are under the influence of the spirit you aren’t in this realm.
– If you want to live a life of Miracles refuse to be offended.
– Every rebellion is on the platform of offense and entitlement.
– Every opportunity in life is a privilege.

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