Download Dimensions Of Power by Dr Paul Enenche (1&2)

Dimensions Of Power by Dr Paul Enenche

Download Power To Fulfil Destiny: Dimensions of Power  by Dr Paul Enenche 

Dimensions Of Power by Dr Paul Enenche

The dimensions of power by Dr Paul Enenche (1&2) were about aspect of the monthly theme on power to fulfill destiny.  This time,  the subject was looked into teaching on several dimensions of power.

The power of God is vast because God is all power and ha several ways of dealing with things.  The right hand of God is power and He reveals His power in several dimensions.

There is an inherent power which is given to me when they received the Holy Spirit.  This power is called Dunamics which which the ultimate or potential power a Believer receives to prosecute life and destiny.

This kind of power is activated in prayer.  The Bible reveals that His divine power has given us all things that pertains to life and godliness.  This is the inherent power of God in us.

You can know more of the dimensions of power by listening to this audio message on the power to fulfill destiny – dimensions of power by Dr Paul Enenche (1&2).





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