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The mystery of pain by Apostle Johnson Suleman was preached on 28th May,  2023. The highlights of the sermon the mystery of pain are stated below.

Text: Job 3:1-2

“There Is Nobody In This World That You Cannot Do Without. It May Cause You Pain But You Will Survive.”

“Their Exit May Affect Your Survival But It Won’t Hinder Your Arrival.

Pain Is When The Devil Afflicts You With A Problem That You Cannot Hide.”

The First Reason For Job’s Pain Was Misplaced Passion.

I) Passion For The Wrong People
Ii) Passion That Is Wrongly Directed.

The Second Reason For Job’s Pain Was Bankruptcy Of Divine Presence.

– He Was Sacrificing To God But Was Not Intimate With God.
– He Was Doing The Work Of The Lord Without The Lord Of The Work.

Any Weakness That God Permits You To See, He Has Ordained You To Solve.

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The mystery of pain mp3 by Apostle Johnson Suleman


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