Download Understanding Thanksgiving By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Understanding Thanksgiving By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Download UNDERSTANDING THANKSGIVING by Apostle Johnson Suleman

Understanding Thanksgiving By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Understanding Thanksgiving by Apostle Johnson Suleman was the sermon preached on 3rd December,  2023. the sermon text was from Psalms 95:2. The highlights of the sermon on understanding thanksgiving by Apostle Johnson Suleman are stated below.

“God Does Not Only Want You To Give Thanks, He Wants Your Thanksgiving To Be Loud.”

“Thanksgiving Is Not An Opinion Or An Advice; It Is A Command.

If You Have Received Anything And You Have Not Come To Thank God, You Are Owing Him.”

“Thanksgiving Gives You Access To Heaven’s Gate. For Everyone Who Has Thanked God, There Is Access To A New Level.”

“Thanksgiving Is An Application For More. Colossians 4:2.
Thanksgiving Is A Warfare Strategy. 1 Timothy 4:4
Thanksgiving Silences Rejection.”

Things That Thanksgiving Does:

1. Thanksgiving Provokes Multiplication
– Your Multiplication And Glorification are Tied To Your Application.

2. God Hates Ingratitude (Luke 17:14)

– God Should Not Be Held Responsible For Your Smallness, Your Lack Of Appreciation Does.
– Familiarity Brings Entitlement. Familiarity With God Produces Familiar Spirit.

“Your Thanksgiving Is Your Key To High Living. Your Preservation Is In Your Appreciation. Your Wholeness Is In Your Thanksgiving.

When You Thank God Always You Discover That There Are Things You Have Not Seen.”

3. Thanksgiving Must Be Done With Sacrifices.

– Thanksgiving Is Incomplete Without Giving.
– Sacrifice Is An Expression Of Love.
– Don’t Give To God Because You Are Expecting Something In Return; Give To Him Because You Love Him.
– Your Level Of Sacrifice Shows Your Depth Of Gratitude.

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