Download EndTime Dominion Systems By Apostle Joshua Selman

EndTime Dominion Systems By Apostle Joshua Selman

Download Koinonia mp3: EndTime Dominion Systems By Apostle Joshua Selman

EndTime Dominion Systems By Apostle Joshua Selman

End‍Time Dominion Systems By Apostle Joshua Selman was Koinonia sermon on Sunday 15th October,  2023. The excerpts of the message on End-Time Dominion Systems By Apostle Joshua Selman are listed below.

Areas of Emphasis for The End-time Saints:

1. Dominion over unclean spirits – Most believers are yet to walk in this experience.

2. Dominion over sickness and disease – The proportion of people who get healed compared to those who are being oppressed is very small. The Spirit of God wants to close that gap.

3. Dominion over resources – To survive the end times, given all the onslaught that Satan is bringing upon the nations, it is important to understand this from The Scriptures.

The attack coming upon The Body of Christ will be in these three areas.

The foundation of every believer’s walk with God is what Jesus Christ has already done.

It matters how your spiritual understanding is constructed; people who have experienced the power of God, past and present, are those who have had a proper foundation laid.

The first law for exercising authority in the Kingdom is understanding your jurisdiction in the spirit realm.

There are specific realms over which you are not permitted to exercise authority as a believer. (Luke 10:19)

Ways God Designed Immunity for Believers (Hebrews 2:6-8):

1. Personal Understanding of The Finished Work of Christ –
Understanding personally what Jesus’ death, birth, and resurrection mean to you.

2. The Advantage of Prophetic Covering.

Prophetic covering midwives your victory while you learn and grow.

Keys for Establishing Dominion in Your Life and The Lives of Others:

1. Learn how to receive the wisdom of God in the place of prayer to provide solutions to your unique challenges.

2. Honour the people upon whom God has bestowed His grace and receive genuinely through hunger, service, and passion.

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