Download This Is The Generation By Apostle Joshua Selman

This Is The Generation By Apostle Joshua Selman

Download This is The Generation by Apostle Joshua Selman (The Making Of Mighty Men)

This Is The Generation By Apostle Joshua Selman

This is the Generation by Apostle Joshua Selman (The Making of Mighty Men) was Koinonia Global Sermon on Sunday 4th of February,  2024. The emphasis of the sermon was on the breed that God is raising. The highlights of the sermon this is the generation (the making of mighty men) by Apostle Joshua Selman are stated below:


Three Emphases of The Spirit of God in this Prophetic Season:

1. World Evangelization: God’s emphasis is to find laborers in the Kingdom that would make world evangelization a success.

2. The Maturity of the Saints: That the saints holistically come into an experience of maturity.

3. Territorial Transformation: That territory would experience the light, transformation, and wisdom of God, resulting in innovations and witty inventions.

There is a growing dissatisfaction, reawakening, hunger, and desire, among believers and even unbelievers within territories in the nation to experience the reality of God.

However, the major limitation is that the kind and quality of available vessels may not be able to birth the purposes of God to His satisfaction. (2 Timothy 2:20)

There are essentially two defects with the vessels that God desires to use:

1. Vessels that are completely disinterested in spirituality, spiritual growth, and God’s program or Kingdom come, even though there is a prophecy upon their lives. They may not even know they’re vessels. For others, it has degenerated into sheer Godlessness. The Spirit of God desires to work on such disinterest. (Acts 9:5)

Available and usable vessels are few, and in any battle, the number is an advantage. God is still looking for vessels.

2. Vessels with a lot of zeal and spirituality or a semblance of it but without true revelation or knowledge.

The major limitation of such a category of people is the danger and deception of self-sufficiency.

God demands that we carry out certain spiritual activities (prayer, fasting, and giving), but none of these activities were meant to replace the power and supremacy of God in our lives. (2 Corinthians 3:5)

In this dispensation, there is excessive marketing of personal credentials among Ministers of the Gospel that limits the genuine manifestation of the power of God.

This is detrimental to the coming generation and may result in disappointment among younger believers, seeking to replicate the move of God.

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