Download A New Generation By Apostle Johnson Suleman

A New Generation By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Download A NEW GENERATION By Apostle Johnson Suleman mp3 Sermon

A New Generation By Apostle Johnson Suleman
A new generation by Apostle Johnson Suleman was a sermon that was captioned from Joshua 1:1-5. The highlights of the sermon on a new generation are stated below.

“God Doesn’t See Us In The Eyes Of Our Errors But He Sees Us Through The Covenant He Has With Us.”

What God Wants For This New Generation:

1. The New Generation Will Break Limits

– Numbers 33:50, Deuteronomy 9:1, 31:2
– You Were Raised By God To Break Every Limitation In Your Life And Family.

2. To Take Responsibility
– If You Must Be Enlisted Into This New Generation, You Must Take Responsibility.
– Your Salvation Is God’s Responsibility But Your Spirituality Is Your Sole Responsibility.

“No Matter The Dimensions Of God You Have Seen, Always Create A Vacuum For Hunger.

If You Must Break Limits You Must First Know Why The Limitation Was Created. Study Your Family History.”

“Walking With God Is Like A Relay Race, The Day You Leave Your Lane You Are Disqualified.

– The Open Door That God Gave You Is Not To Discredit Those Ahead Of You.
– When People Become Your Business You Lose Your Originality.”

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