Download Equipping The Saints By Apostle Joshua Selman

Download Equipping The Saints By Apostle Joshua Selman -2023 Zaria Supernatural Encounter

Equipping The Saints By Apostle Joshua Selman

Equipping the Saints by Apostle Joshua Selman was the second message during the Koinonia Zaria supernatural encounter 2023. Why is it important to equip the Saints or Believers? apostle Joshua Selman explained in details on this subject matter.

Biblically speaking,  it is God’s intentions for Believers to mature and be equiped to spread and establish the kingdom of God on the surface of the Earth.  So in Ephesians,  the fivefold ministry was given by God for the maturing of the  Saints.

In equipping the saints, methodical teachings on faith, the kingdom of God and the purposes of God must be make known. The person of Christ must be exhorted and taught because Believers ought to look as their Lord.

In equipping the saints, right knowledge must be impacted. Also the subject of power and authority must be emphasized.  The aspect of transformation by the Holy Spirit and becoming like Christ Jesus must be clearly taught.  The Saints are the light of the world which Christ had redeemed for Himself by His blood.

Jude talks about The Faith that was entrusted to all the Saints at a time.  The faith which is summation of our belief system must be upheld.  The Saints must be taught or thoroughly equipped on the aspect of The Faith and how to contend for the faith which was entrusted to us all. Also the aspect of spiritual warfare and in the kingdom of God must be laid accurately.

In equipping the saints,  right doctrine should be taught so that they won’t give heed to erroneous doctrines of men.  Click on the link below to download the audio message on equipping the saints by Apostle Joshua Selman  during Koinonia Zaria supernatural encounter 2023.


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