Download Flourishing Like The Palm Tree By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Download FLOURISHING LIKE THE PALM TREE By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Flourishing Like The Palm Tree By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Flourishing like the palm tree by Apostle Johnson Suleman was a sermon derived from Psalms 92:11-13. The highlights of the sermon are listed below.

“There Are People That Enter Your Life And God Enters. (Genesis 30:27)”

Temptations and shakings reveals how rooted you are.

If The Palm Tree Must Live Long:

– The Sun Speaks Of God. If You Must Live Long Like The Palm Tree, You Must Depend On God.

– The Palm Tree Has The Strongest Roots.
– Challenges, Trials, Problems And Tribulations Reveal How Rooted You Are.
– Your Root Determines Your Fruits.

– In Your Pursuit For Money And Other Things Make Sure You Are Straight.

“Let Your Whole Life Be Centered Around God. We Are What We Are By The Grace Of God. If You Boast And You Are Proud, God Is Your First Enemy.”

Attributes of the palm tree

1. The palm tree depends on the sun.
If you must become and flourish like the palm tree, you must totally depend on God!

2. The palm tree has the strongest roots. Roots speak of value. It is your roots that determine your fruits.

3. The palm tree grows straight. Straight speaks of upright, discernment, right standing…

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