Download All IMFFC 2023 Messages By Pastor Paul Enenche (Forces of Revival)

IMFFC 2023 Messages By Dr Paul Enenche

Download International Ministers’ Flaming Fire Conference: IMFFC 2023 Messages By Dr Paul Enenche

IMFFC 2023 Messages By Dr Paul Enenche

IMFFC 2023 messages by Dr Paul Enenche are all available in audio format for free download. This year’s International Ministers’ Flaming Fire Conference 2023 (IMFFC) theme was “Forces of Revival” and Dr Paul Enenche was the major Preacher in the conference.

There are agents of revival and there are forces that engineers revival. IMFFC 2023 conference was a gathering that people understood the Forces of revival and how do engage them for Kingdom exploit.

In this IMFFC 2023 messages by Dr Paul Enenche, wisdom for effectiveness in ministry was communicated. All the messages are outlined below and you can click on the links below to download any of the messages.

The list below are all IMFFC 2023 messages by Dr Paul Enenche.


  1. The Miracle Mission of The Master mp3 by Dr Paul Enenche
  2. Forces of Revival (1) – What is Revival by Dr Paul Enenche
  3. Forces of Revival (2)-The Necessity of Revival by Dr Paul Enenche
  4. Forces of Revival (3)-A Strong People by Dr Paul Enenche (1)
  5. Forces of Revival (4)-As The Appearance of Horses by Dr Paul Enenche
  6. The Forces of Revival (5) – They Shall Run By Dr. Paul Enenche
  7. The Forces of Revival (6) – Men of War – Focused And United by Dr Paul Enenche
  8. Success Factors In Marriage Or Factors For Success In Marriage by Dr. Paul Enenche
  9. Marital Harmony For Revival mp3 By Dr. Paul Enenche


We have listed some audio sermons for you as recommendations,  you can check the out by clicking on the sermon titles.

  1. Download The Character Of Thanksgiving By Dr Paul Enenche (1&2)
  2. Download All Messages On The Heavenly Vision By Apostle Arome Osayi (Minister’s Conference 2023)
  3. Download Redefining The Great Commission By Apostle Joshua Selman
  4. Download Intensifying Prayer Force Part 2 By Pastor Paul Enenche
  5. Download Preserving Territorial Revival By Apostle Joshau Selman (UK Conference Day 2 Evening Session)
  6. Dominating Through Stable Marital And Family Life by Dr And Mrs Becky Paul Enenche
  7. Download The Blessing Of Knowing God By Dr Paul Enenche